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Send us your blueprints and specifications. With our equipment and experience, we can handle tough jobs that most fabricators won't touch. From routine applications to the experimental and unusual; from simple machining to close tolerance precision fabrication, we will tackle any challenge you offer us.

We analyze blueprints for value engineering, working with a parts design and construction to reduce costs while maintaining physical integrity. We'll send you a quote without obligation, quickly and accurately. And we'll give you the technical support you need to help you get the order.  We guarantee tolerances of ±.001". That's closer than NEMA, Federal or Military Specifications. All our master gauging is traceable to the National Bureau of Standards. That means you can promise your customers consistent compliance with the toughest specs and quality that exceeds industry standards. The promises we help you keep will bring your customers back again and again. We hope that will bring you back to Atlas Fibre for every fabricating job you have!


  • We stock a full range of thermoset and thermoplastic materials in both rod and sheet form. We will recommend and supply the products that offer the best performance at the lowest price.
  • Thermoset materials available include grades XXX, CE, and LE phenolics; G-10/FR4and G-11 glass epoxies; G-9 glass melamine; G-7 glass silicone.
  • We also specialize in the machining of "difficult" engineering thermoplastics including PEEK®, Torlon®, Micarta®, Ultem®, and Vespel®. We stock a full compliment of all engineering thermoplastics.

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Thermoset Laminates

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We specialize in precision CNC fabrication of your parts from all high pressure laminate and thermoplastic materials.




FAX: 1.847.674.1723