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Fabricating Data

Paper And Fabric Grades

Standard shears suitable for sheet metal are recommended for shearing Atlas Fibre materials.  The knife blade should be kept sharp and the material held rigid with a hold-down bar.  Most paper laminates up to 1/16” thickness and canvas laminates up to 1/8” thickness may be sheared at room temperature (70°F min.).

Glass Base Grades

Thickness up to 1/8” can be sheared at room temperature, however the sheared edge will not be as clean or burr free as a sawed edge.

These suggestions reflect our experience and the experience of our customers.  This is not a users manual or fabrication guide.  Further, results differ based on many factors, including quality, composition and suitability of raw materials, tools and fabrication processes, and the skill of fabricators.  Atlas Fibre Company does not guarantee or warrantee fabrication results on any of our materials.


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