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Stock Orders Shipped in 24 Hours or Less!

We ship your order before the competition has a chance to read their email or faxes...they may take days...we ship stock orders in 24 hours every time! Our large inventory is only part of the reason.


Our Experienced Sales Team Delivers!

Our sales engineers are all experienced Thermoset plastic experts. Over the years they’ve gained a thorough knowledge of the specific manufacturing needs of the consumer and defense industries.
We’re proud of their record; they’ll match your needs to our capabilities; they’ll anticipate problems and suggest alternatives which often prove more economical. Their expertise will save you time and money. Their courtesy and efficiency will save you frustration. Additionally they have the support of a highly efficient computerized tracking system. They’ll always have up-to-the-minute information on stock availability because every update is immediately entered into our comprehensive database. And accurate, competitive, cut-to-size pieces are quoted on the spot, saving you time and money.

We're Unbeatable On Value and We'll Show You Why!

Modern manufacturing methods and controls virtually eliminate mistakes; costly re-runs are a thing of the past.

Computerized equipment means faster, more efficient manufacturing and fabrication. Each job is entered into our computerized control system and tracked through every phase of production. And behind the modern computers and microchip controls is our real story: the old-fashioned dedication of highly skilled craftsmen challenged and encouraged to reach beyond their limits.


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