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Quality Control begins with the purchase of raw materials, and our suppliers know we’re tough. We set the toughest specifications...we reject any raw material that doesn’t measure up.

We are ISO 9001-2000 certified and produce parts to the strictest government and military standards. We use the latest CNC and laser measuring equipment, and all our master gauging is traceable to the National Bureau of Standards. In addition, we are fully compliant with all applicable aeronautical inspection standards. Our entire production and quality areas are fully air conditioned and humidity controlled to assure consistent dimensional accuracy.


Our dedication to excellence has made us a leader in precision custom fabrication, in delivery, and in service. We are one of the country’s most experienced shops in machining the new, challenging, high-performance thermoplastics such as
Peek®, Torlon® and Vespel®. From typical applications to the experimental and unusual; from simple machining to high-precision CNC fabrication, we welcome the challenges you bring us.

Each shipment we receive is subjected to the scrutiny of our professional inspection staff. Only the very finestraw materials meet their criteria. It comes naturally to us. Our affiliate, Standard Grinding and Manufacturing, Co., supplies the most critical requirements of the aerospace and defense industry. This has forced us to reach for—and to demand—QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE.


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FAX: 1.847.674.1723

With our extensive facilities and equipment, we can tackle tough jobs that most fabricators can’t touch. And we’ll do it efficiently and economically. Let us prove it. We guarantee satisfaction—in quality, in delivery, in price.


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Email, Fax or Send your specifications - for a prompt quote without obligation.

FAX: 1.847.674.1723

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We specialize in precision CNC fabrication of your parts from all high pressure laminate and thermoplastic materials.




FAX: 1.847.674.1723