Our Sales Team

Our Sales Engineers are all experienced thermoset plastic experts. Over the years they've gained a thorough knowledge of the specific manufacturing needs of the consumer and the defense industries.

We're proud of their record. They will match your needs to our capabilities; they will anticipate problems and suggest alternatives which often prove more economical. Their expertise will save you time and money. Their courtesy and efficiency will save you frustration.

Finally, they have the support of a highly efficient computerized tracking system. They will always have an up-to-the-minute status on stock availability because every update is immediately entered into our comprehensive database.


Atlas Fibre Sales 

For Sheet, Rod & Tube: 
Contact:                      Phone :                     
Whitney Martin       +1 847-568-5425    
Sean Misiak               +1 847-568-5438    
T J Przybylski             +1 847-568-5420
Tina Folinazzo          +1 847-568-5436    
Daniel Kenny            +1 847-568-5422
Nicole Simpson        +1 847-568-5435       

For Machined Parts:
Deb Ring                   +1 847-568-5423     
John Paul Cornejo   +1 847-568-5421     
Ricky Meyer             +1 224-479-2075     
Tom Williamson      +1 847-568-5439
Ben Luedtke             +1 224-479-2073