North America's Largest Inventory of Thermoset Composite

Atlas Fibre Makes Composite Possible

Square feet of inventory and fabrication Space
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Manufacturer of Composites and Thermosets

With manufacturing in the United States and India with our partners Accurate Plastics and Lamtuf, Atlas Fibre is the dominant supplier of Thermoset Composite Laminate in North America

Atlas Fibre has the Largest Inventory of Thermoset Composite in North America

Whether you're a distributor, fabricator, or OEM; Atlas Fibre has what you need, when you need it
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High-Mix Any-Volume with Atlas Batch-Size-One™

Your Parts on Your Timeline

18 weeks
Initial Lead Time
30 days
Follow-on Order Time
100 %
Inventory Risk

From prototyping to production, Atlas Fibre is built on the concept of Atlas Batch-Size-One™.


With Atlas Batch-Size-One™, we can produce a single component as efficiently as other machinists can produce 10,000 and produce and ship follow-on orders within hours (pending material availability). Receive smaller batches faster at large-batch pricing and optimize your inventory levels and supply chain.


Move past “stocking programs” to Atlas Batch-Size-One™ infinite production flexibility and reliability.

Atlas Fibre has 100% of the capabilities needed to turn raw material into a finished component

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