Atlas Fibre has 100% of the capabilities needed to turn raw material into a finished component, making us a formidable vertically integrated company. A wide array of markets require thermoset composites due to their diverse properties. At Atlas Fibre, we cater to those sectors, providing versatile, high-strength thermoset composites to suit unique applications.

Thermoset Composites Markets We Serve

Whether your industry requires material to withstand immense force or extreme temperatures, we can assist you. The markets we commonly serve include:

  • Automotive: Two of the most important requirements for modern automotive vehicles are strength and energy efficiency. Automotive manufacturers can achieve these characteristics with our lightweight thermoset composites for vehicles.
  • Consumer goods: In addition to being incredibly durable, our composites are aesthetically pleasing, making them ideal for the consumer goods market. We can supply custom thermoset composite shapes for a variety of consumer goods products, including electronics, toys, and outdoor equipment.
  • Cryogenic: Cryogenic applications involve sub-zero temperatures. Our thermoset composites can withstand prolonged exposure to extremely low temperatures while maintaining operational requirements.
  • Defense: Atlas Fibre provides high-grade material with electrical and thermal insulation for weapons and communication systems, benefiting many defense organizations.
  • Electric vehicles: Electric vehicles are becoming a significant element of the future. We support electric vehicle markets by supplying high-strength, energy-efficient composites.
  • Electrical: Another industry that requires electrical and thermal insulation is the power generation industry. Atlas Fibre provides specialized thermoset composite material to meet the demanding requirements of the energy market.
  • General aviation: We have a large inventory of in-stock thermoset composites for aviation markets, including commercial airlines and military aircraft. These materials have a high strength-to-weight ratio, making them the ideal material for many components, from instrument enclosures to structural assemblies to aerodynamic cowlings.
  • Guns and knives: Weapons industries benefit from using thermoset composites for guns and knives instead of metal due to the material’s high strength-to-weight ratio, making weapons more durable, more comfortable, and easier to carry.
  • Medical equipment: Atlas Fibre has a large inventory of composite materials for various medical applications. Our fabrication services can produce reliable equipment for medical organizations.
  • Oil and gas: The oil and gas market requires corrosion- and UV-resistant material to withstand constant exposure to natural elements. Our custom-made composite products are ideal for this demanding industry.
  • Semiconductor: Electronic devices depend on semiconductors. Thermoset composites are suitable since these materials must have a high dielectric strength.
  • Space: Our products support the aerospace industry with thermoset composite laminate materials and parts for spacecraft. We provide heavy-duty composites used in aerospace parts, such as controls, seats, and instrument enclosures.

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Atlas Fibre carries ISO 9001:2015 certification and supplies quality industry-specific thermoset composites. No matter your industry, we can assist you with thermoset composite raw materials, fabrication, and assembly. For more information on our products, fill out an online form today.