Thermoset composite materials come in various shapes, from sheets to tubes to rods. Atlas Fibre is proud to stock them all.

We supply a wide range of thermoset materials, including glass epoxy and phenolic, and have many sizes available. We can also custom-cut materials to size based on your needs and will work with you to help you choose the best composite material for your project.

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What Are Composite Stock Shapes?

Stock plastic shapes typically include sheets, rods, and tubes. Each form is produced using a different method, and they can be prepared for fabrication through turning, grinding, saw-cutting, milling or other processes once cured.


Thermoset laminated sheets are produced by curing prepreg materials into a flat sheet. The sheets can be made from one type of prepreg or several.

After a sheet has been produced, it can be cut to a size suitable for your application and sanded to tight tolerances. Atlas can create precision cut and sanded blanks accurate to 0.001″ in each dimension.


Composite rods are produced via two methods, sheet rod and rolled and molded. Sheet rod is typically suitable for applications that require high electrical strength whereas rolled and molded is best suited for applications where flexural strength or hoop strength is the critical factor.


Tube-shaped materials can be produced in one of two ways. The first method, called convolute winding, involves wrapping prepreg material around a spindle, then curing it. Tubes formed through this process can vary in diameter but are usually no more than 48 inches long.

Another method of producing tubes, called filament winding, involves running filaments through a resin bath before winding them on a spindle. The tubes are then cured and ready to be fabricated. The second method can be used to create tubes longer than 48 inches.

Composite Stock Shape Materials

Atlas Fibre has the largest in-stock selection of thermoset shapes in North America. Our stock shapes are available in all the materials we stock, including:

We can also machine thermoplastic materials, including:

Composite Custom Shapes

If you need custom thermoset shapes, we can work with you to fabricate them. Custom shapes can help you make the most of a certain type of thermoset composite material, maximizing its use and value for your project.

Why Choose Atlas Fibre?

Atlas Fibre is the continent’s premier fabricator and supplier of thermoset composites. We have a 120,000-square-foot warehouse in Illinois with more than $8 million worth of inventory. We also have two partner facilities with more than $4 million in-stock raw materials.

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