Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

The medical equipment industry changes people’s lives for the better. Thanks to advances in medical equipment, people can live longer and healthier lives. Medical equipment includes any tools, machines, apparatuses, and instruments that diagnose, treat, mitigate, prevent, or cure conditions and diseases.

Composite materials have a place in the medical equipment and device industry. The materials are lightweight and biocompatible, making them ideal for use in instruments. Atlas Fibre has the largest selection of composite materials for use in medical equipment. We’ll work with you to help you fabricate the materials your devices and equipment need. Since we’re a vertically integrated company, we will work with you through each step of the development and manufacturing process.

Benefits of Composites for Medical Equipment

Medical device manufacturers often prefer thermoset composite materials over metals for several reasons. Composites are strong like metal but weigh less. The materials are also corrosion-resistant. Some benefits of using composites in medical equipment include:

  • Weight: Thermoset composites are lightweight. Replacing metal components with thermoset composites in MRI machines allows for clearer images and better patient positioning.
  • Strength: Thanks to their high strength-to-weight ratio, thermoset composites are incredibly strong, making them ideal for equipment that sees repeated use.
  • Corrosion-resistance: Medical equipment and devices are often exposed to various conditions, including moisture and certain chemicals. The materials used need to resist corrosion, which is degradation that occurs when a material is exposed to oxygen. Thermoset composites resist corrosion, making them a durable choice for medical equipment.
  • Temperature tolerance: Some types of medical equipment are exposed to high heat or extreme cold and must be made of materials that can withstand significant fluctuations in temperature or prolonged exposure to freezing or heat.
  • Flexibility: Choosing the right material for medical equipment reduces costs and extends the equipment’s life span.

Atlas Fibre has decades of experience in machining composites, making us qualified to fabricate or machine components for medical equipment manufacturers. We’ll help you choose the right material based on the type of equipment you produce.

Uses of Thermoset Composites in Medical Equipment

Thermoset composites are found in many types of medical equipment, including:

  • Diagnostic imaging equipment
  • Surgical instruments
  • Dental tools
  • Microspheres

Custom and In-Stock Composites for Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Atlas Fibre has the largest selection of in-stock materials available in North America. We’re the primary supplier of thermoset composites for medical equipment manufacturers. Our 120,000-square-foot warehouse has over $8 million worth of inventory in stock. Our partner facilities ensure we have access to an additional $4,000,000 worth of raw materials.

Our stock material supply includes precision blanks, rods, sheets, and tubes. Our thermoset materials include phenolic, carbon fiber, glass epoxy, and glass silicone.

We work with our customers to create custom-fabricated components for medical equipment. We’ll help you choose the right material. Beyond finished parts, we offer several value-added services.

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