Precision Blanks

When your company receives material for machining and fabrication, you often need to have precise blank dimensions moving on to the machining or fabrication step. Machine-ready precision blanks eliminate the need for this material preparation step off, saving your company time. All Atlas Fibre Precision blanks are accurate to within 0.001″ in length, width, and depth and have perfect 90 degree corners, ensuring a great OP10!

Atlas Fibre has precision blanks ready for in-house machining and fabrication. Our thermoset precision blanks are in stock at our Illinois facility, where we have the largest selection of ready-to-ship composites in North America. We’re happy to work with you to help you choose the right materials for your next project.

What Are Precision Blanks?

Precision blanks are round, rectangular, or square blanks that are ground and milled to a tight tolerance. While precision blanks are often made from metals such as stainless steel or aluminum, they can also be made from a thermoset composite material. To make precision blanks, we start with raw blanks, then smooth them down. We can pre-machine your precision blanks so they are the right shape and thickness for you to begin processing them immediately.

Using precision blanks helps save your company time and effort, as you won’t need to use specialized machines to smooth or square the blanks before machining begins. Working with precision blanks also helps you reduce production bottlenecks and keep things running smoothly at your shop so you can produce more without additional overhead.

Advantages of Precision Blanks

Machine-ready blanks have several benefits to offer your company:

  • Overcome labor shortages: Your company may be experiencing a shortage of skilled CNC machinists. If so, you’re not alone — the manufacturing sector is experiencing an ongoing lack of capable workers. One way to cope with labor shortages is to reduce the amount of work required on-site. Using machine-ready blanks allows you to skip the step of squaring off the materials, requiring fewer workers on the job.
  • Prevent bottlenecks: When you purchase raw blanks, you need to store them somewhere until they can be finished and prepped for machining, as they take up precious space and can block a project’s progress. With precision blanks, the material is ready to go the day you receive it. It’s also cut and ground to the right size and will require less storage area.
  • Increase capacity: By eliminating a step in the process, you can increase the throughput and capacity of your facility. That means you can ship more products, more quickly, leading to higher sales volume.

Are Thermoset Precision Blanks Right for You?

Thermoset precision blanks offer several advantages over metal blanks. They are typically lower cost and often weigh less than metal. Thermoset materials are also better able to resist vibrations and corrosion than certain types of metal.

We can help you decide if thermoset precision blanks are right for your project. We will act as a resource center, ensuring you get the materials you need for your project and have the support you require from start to finish.

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