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Atlas Fibre has the largest selection of in-stock thermoset composite materials in North America. Learn more about our material options and product inventory.

We Stock More Than Anyone Else

With manufacturing in the United States and India with our partners Accurate Plastics and Lamtuf, Atlas Fibre is the dominant supplier of Thermoset Composite Laminate in North America.

We hold more than $8,000,000 of inventory in our 120,000 square foot warehouse in Northbrook Illinois, and our partners hold over $4,000,000 of raw material inventory at their manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad India and Falmouth Massachusetts.

Materials and Data Sheets

We’ll help you choose the thermoset composite material that is right for your application and project needs. Our inventory includes the following materials:

  • Glass epoxy: We offer several glass epoxy materials, including FR-5, G-11, FR-4, and G-10.
  • Glass silicone: We carry G-7 glass silicone.
  • Glass melamine: Our glass melamine options include G-9 and G-5.
  • Phenolic: Phenolic materials consist of a fabric or paper base coated with phenolic resin. We have canvas, linen, and paper phenolic materials in stock.
  • Custom materials: We also offer custom materials, including carbon fiber and Matrix HT.

Atlas Fibre has numerous material specifications and data sheets available for download. Learn more!

Shapes and Forms

Our facilities have numerous product shapes and forms in stock. We’ll help you choose from the following based on your project’s needs.


We produce thermoset plastic sheets by pressing and curing materials into a flat sheet, which we then cut and fabricate. The thickness of a sheet is based on the number of plies in the layup. It can range from 0.005 to more than 8 inches. While the sheet’s dimensions can be based on your projects, three sizes are typically available. We can also produce extra-large sheets on request or cut sheets to size.

While we primarily work with thermoset materials, we also offer sheets made from various thermoplastics.


We offer sheet rods, made from ground cut sheets, and rolled and molded rods, which are made by rolling a prepreg material. We’ll help you choose the right type of thermoset composite rod based on your project’s specifications and your budget. For example, you may need a rod that can withstand subzero temperatures or one that has insulating properties.

We have various rod lengths in stock and can produce rods that are up to 120 inches long. We’ll also cut rods down to size based on your needs.


Our composite tubes are produced using either filament winding or convolute winding. Each method has its specific uses and benefits, and we’ll help you choose the option that works best for your needs. Filament wound tubes are typically much more narrow in diameter than convolute wound tubes, which can be several feet wide. Materials commonly used for tubes include paper and canvas phenolic.

Precision Blanks

Our precision blanks can save your company time and effort. They are pre-milled and ground composite blanks cut into round, square, or rectangular shapes. You don’t have to mill the blanks yourself, so you can machine them right after receipt. Choosing a thermoset composite blank instead of metal offers several advantages, including corrosion resistance, reduced weight and lower cost.

Fabricated Parts

You can order material from us to fabricate and machine in-house or let us handle the fabrication for you. Our capabilities include cutting on more than 25 CNC milling and lathe machines as well as producing Swiss-turned and routed parts. We can machine all types of thermosets and almost every type of thermoplastic.



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