CNC Milling

Computer numerical control (CNC) milling precisely cuts or shapes material using a cutting tool called a CNC mill or CNC milling machine. This process allows manufacturers to achieve the desired shape and size for their parts. Atlas Fibre maintains a large inventory of materials cut and shaped to specification through different CNC processes, including milling.

Contact us for help fabricating parts for your facility. We offer stocking programs for consistently made components, allowing us to ship your items on the same day. Talk to our experts for custom CNC-milled parts delivered from dock to stock.

What Is CNC Milling?

It is a subtractive process that uses a cutting tool and rotating spindles to drill, cut, trim, and mill parts. The machine uses a computer numerical control process to design parts with minimal labor. The automated process enables our facility to produce thousands of parts for companies in different sectors.

Our engineers use a variety of plastic materials to design rods with a high strength-to-weight ratio – Teflon, PPS, and PTFE. These elements are light and reusable, making them a top choice for business customers.

How a CNC Milling Machine Works

The equipment works in four stages:

  1. Component design: The client provides the shape or size of the part they need using computer-aided design (CAD) software.
  2. Convert the model into instructions: The experts transform the CAD drawing into instructions the CNC machine understands. The instructions indicate the direction the equipment will move, its speed, and when to start and stop.
  3. Set up the CNC machine: Engineers configure the machine, ensuring all required tools are available, installed, and ready for the task.
  4. Mill the parts: An expert commands the program to begin operations. The equipment subtracts material from the plastic per the instructions on the computer, and since the plastic CNC milled parts are a replica of the computer design, they have no errors.

Benefits of CNC Milled Parts

Milled thermoset composites enable organizations to win long-term customers and gain a competitive advantage:

  • Durable: The chain of polymers in thermoset composite strengthens components, allowing them to resist wear and tear. The components are corrosion-resistant, ensuring the maximum life span before you require replacement.
  • Chemical-resistant: Thermoset composite does not react with chemicals applied during manufacturing. The capability to keep its shape and composition makes it a top choice in the sector.
  • To-specification designs: These materials can take any form and shape. We can design custom parts using high-quality composite to ensure the most precise match to your specifications.
  • Superior insulation: Polymers are poor conductors of heat and electricity. This quality makes plastic preferable in industries like construction, food and health care.
  • Light: The light weight of thermoset composite makes it less expensive to ship and reduces overall product weight. Using this material enables organizations to save on transport and production costs.

Advantages of Getting CNC-Milled Composites From Atlas Fibre

At Atlas Fibre, we use top-of-the-line CNC milling machines to produce thermoset composites and thermoplastics for various applications. Our tools ensure accuracy, efficiency, and precision, so you can count on consistent high-quality results regardless of the volume of orders.

Our CNC milling processes allow us to fabricate parts that meet your specific requirements. Expert engineers oversee the entire process to verify that we achieve the correct shape and size of your orders. Our custom solutions assure customers get superior-quality products regardless of the industry.

We can deliver items in North America on the same day. Our warehouse holds thousands of products, enabling us to fulfill orders quickly for parts that are in stock. Automation allows us to restock items fast to ensure our customers experience minimal downtime.

Request a Quote for CNC Milled Thermoset Composite Parts

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