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As one of the largest global industries, the oil and gas industry generated around $5 trillion in revenue in 2022. Multiple sectors and industries rely on oil and gas for energy production, including transportation, manufacturing, and electrical power generation.

Corrosion-resistant composite materials have multiple applications and benefits for the oil and gas industry. Altas Fibre provides companies with custom-made thermoset composite shapes and parts to be used for composite frac plugs, composite gaskets, and other components. We understand the importance of keeping costs down, so we work with each of our oil and gas customers to reduce project costs and complexity.

Benefits of Composites in the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry needs materials that perform well under demanding conditions. Thermoset composites can rise to the challenge due to their versatility and durability.

A few benefits of using glass fiber-based composites in the oil and gas industry are:

  • Light weight: Thermoset composites weigh much less than metal, making them ideal for reducing fuel use and emissions. The light weight of the materials also improves costs.
  • Strength: Glass epoxy and other thermoset materials have a high strength-to-weight ratio, making them ideal for structural components in the oil and gas industry.
  • Insulation: Equipment in the oil and gas industry is often exposed to high temperatures. Thermoset composites provide thermal insulation, protecting equipment from extreme temperatures.
  • Corrosion resistance: Oxygen exposure gradually degrades certain materials, such as metals. Composites resist corrosion and can be strengthened by adding a resin binder.
  • Fatigue resistance: Repeated bending and stress cause metals to wear down and sustain microfractures, leading to fatigue that eventually breaks the metal. Composite materials don’t develop microfractures, so they resist fatigue.
  • Temperature tolerance: Gaskets, seals, and other components used in the oil and gas industry experience high temperatures. Thermoset composites can tolerate temperature extremes.
  • Flexibility: You can design thermoset composites to meet your exact needs and specifications. We work with our customers individually, creating custom materials.

Types of Composites for the Oil and Gas Industry

Thermoset composites form many of the parts used by aerospace companies, including:

  • Frac plugs
  • Gaskets
  • Head gaskets
  • Insulation gaskets
  • Piping
  • Lubricants
  • Seals
  • Valves
  • Compressor components

Custom and In-Stock Materials for the Oil and Gas Industry

Need help choosing the right material for your project? As a resource center, Atlas Fibre can help. We’ll work with you to help you decide which materials will deliver the best thermal protection, strength and corrosion resistance while being cost-effective. We use machine-ready precision blanks to customize your order to your exact specifications.

We’re the leading supplier of thermoset composite laminate in the U.S. We have the largest selection of in-stock materials available. Our Illinois warehouse is 120,000 square feet and has more than $8 million worth of inventory. We also have an additional $4 million in raw materials at our partner facilities in Massachusetts and Hyderabad, India.

Steel Laminated Composite Gaskets

Atlas Fibre is an expert in producing and machining composites laminated to stainless steel, such as 304SS and 316SS. Our materials exceed helium leak testing standards and tight thickness tolerances suitable for the most demanding gasket applications.

We have fabricated composite steel sheets and finished gaskets up to 50×50″ and can produce sheets up to 72×72″ inches in size.

Atlas Is an Expert in Machining Frac Plugs

Atlas Fibre is an expert at designing processes for high-volume frac-plug production, including turning, slot cutting, drilling and milling of composite frac plugs. We are capable of delivering thousands of units per week through custom-developed transfer lines, which ensures the highest quality and lowest cost for our customers.

Our decades of experience working with and machining composite materials make us the ideal partner for the world’s most demanding frac plug OEMs.

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Protect your equipment and reduce cost and complexity with the right thermoset composite materials, such as G10 insulation gaskets, composite frac plugs, or Micarta gaskets. Contact us for a quote and to learn more about using composite materials in your equipment.

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