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G3 is a high-performance glass phenolic laminate made from a woven glass fabric and a high-temperature binding resin system. Besides offering superior temperature resistance, G3 provides excellent compressive, flexural, and impact strength at elevated temperatures. G3 also has high creep resistance and can maintain its integrity under continuous loads.

G3 glass phenolic is highly moisture resistant and does not melt, making it ideal for gaskets, seals, oven components, and other parts in various industries, including aerospace and appliance manufacturing. NEMA G3 meets the requirements of MIL-I-24768/18, Type GPG.

G3 Glass Phenolic Material Properties

Manufacturers produce phenolic laminate material by coating layers of fabric with phenolic resin, heating it, and subjecting it to high pressure. The phenolic resin contains formaldehyde and phenol, which bond to form more expansive molecules. Despite its outstanding durability and strength, G3 weighs less than typical phenolic laminates.

Since G3 glass phenolic is a thermoset plastic, it maintains its shape after heating and cooling. G3’s primary material properties include the following:

  • Specific gravity: 1.85
  • Tensile strength: 76,000 pounds per square inch (psi)
  • Flexural strength – LW -A 0.125″: 55,000 psi
  • Shear strength: 18,000 psi
  • Bond strength: 1,500 psi
  • Hardness (Mohs Scale): 110
  • Flammability rating: 94 HB (Horizontal burning test)
  • Maximum operating temperature: 140 degrees Celsius (284 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Izod impact strength at 49 degrees Celsius -LW: 12.00
  • Water absorption over 24 hours: 2.0
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion in degrees Celsius (x10-5): 1.0

Types of G3 Glass Phenolic Laminate Materials We Offer

The primary form of G3 glass-based phenolic is sheeting in an amber or brown color. We offer stock sheet sizes in various thicknesses and lengths up to 96 inches for immediate shipment. We also supply custom-sized sheets based on the unique needs of your specialized project.

Phenolic G3 Applications

Phenolic G3 Applications - Corrosion-resistant & ideal for fabricating acid-resistant components.

Manufacturers often choose G3 material when they need a lightweight solution instead of metal. G3 also works well for applications that require higher heat resistance and low thermal expansion. Because it’s corrosion-resistant, it’s also ideal for fabricating acid-resistant components.

G3 laminate does not soften when reheated, meaning the material is relatively easy to tap, drill, saw, and machine with ordinary tools. Some of the most common uses for G3 glass phenolic include:

  • Gaskets and grommets
  • Seals
  • Oven parts
  • Relays
  • Switches
  • Test boards
  • Structural applications

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If your application requires a thermoset laminate that holds up well to heat and delivers excellent structural integrity over time, G3 glass phenolic might be a perfect choice. The experts at Atlas Fibre can evaluate your application to help you determine the most practical, highest-performing material based on your project’s unique needs. Our comprehensive inventory of various sheet thicknesses and sizes enables us to offer some of the industry’s fastest delivery times.

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*Atlas Fibre LLC provides this data as information only and does not imply any warranty for its use or application. Test results for a specific sheet or lot are available for a fee upon request.

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