When manufacturing knives and guns, you may automatically think of using metal as the primary material. However, the gun and knife industry can benefit significantly from using thermoset composite materials for certain components, notably handles and grips.

Atlas Fibre creates custom thermoset composite handles and grips from fabrication-ready precision blanks. Our composite materials help improve a gun or knife’s comfort, aesthetic appeal, and durability. We’ll work with you to keep your project on track and minimize costs.

Benefits of Composite Materials and Plastic Parts for Guns and Knives

The handle or grip of a knife or gun plays an important role in the product’s function. If a person can’t get a good grip on a knife, they may struggle to slice or chop food or other materials. A slippery grip reduces the knife’s safety, making cuts and slips more common.

The same is true of a gun’s grip or stock. It needs to be sturdy and comfortable to hold. Compared to other materials, such as metal or wood, composites like Micarta or G10 create a durable, comfortable grip.

Some additional benefits of using composite materials when manufacturing guns and knives include:

  • Reduced weight: Gun and knife grips can be made from various materials, but only composites are lightweight. The reduced weight of the handle or grip makes the tool easier to hold and manipulate.
  • Increased durability: Composite materials are incredibly strong and long-lasting. The material you choose for parts of your guns or knives should last as long as the rest of the tool.
  • Aesthetic appeal: You can choose from various colors and finishes when you use composite materials for gun or knife handles. These cosmetic choices allow you to provide more options for customers.
  • Reduced cost: Using composite materials reduces costs in a few ways. These materials can cost less to manufacture than other options, and the reduced weight of the handles lowers shipping costs.
  • Flexibility: From glass epoxy like G10 to carbon fiber, you have many options when choosing a composite material for your knives and guns. We work with our customers individually to produce custom, precision-fabricated components.

Uses of Composites in Gun and Knives

Some of the most common uses of composites for guns and knives include:

  • Gun grips
  • Knife handles
  • Gun stocks

Custom Composites for Guns and Knives

Atlas Fibre’s thermoset materials include G10 glass epoxy, carbon fiber, canvas phenolic, Micarta, and custom options. As the primary supplier of thermoset composites for many industries, we have North America’s largest selection of in-stock materials. Our warehouse in Illinois has over $8 million worth of inventory in stock. Additionally, our partner facilities have $4 million worth of in-stock raw materials.

Consider us your resource center for carbon fiber knife handles, G10 gun grips, and composite gun grips. We’ll help your company develop custom-fabricated parts and work with you as you choose the materials. Our services extend beyond providing the parts and components you need.

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