Atlas Fibre has dozens of CNC machines, allowing us to machine all types of phenolic and glass thermosets, as well as many thermoplastics. Our CNC machines include mills, lathes, routers, and Swiss machines. Learn more about the plastic CNC machine process and its benefits for custom-made thermoset parts.

What Is CNC? 

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is a process of manufacturing that uses pre-programmed software to dictate how a machine moves. To use a CNC machine, a user inputs a set of prompts, and the machine takes on numerous cutting tasks based on the instructions.

CNC machines are fully automated. Once the prompt is loaded into the machine, it will operate independently with little need for human intervention. Using a CNC machine cuts down on manual repetition and speeds up the process of machining parts.

Types of CNC Plastic Machining

Atlas Fibre uses multiple types of CNC machines to shape and form parts. The type of machine we will use depends on the project’s goal.

CNC Mills

CNC mills feature a cutting tool attached to a spindle that rotates. The cutting tool removes material from a block of raw material, shaping it into the desired form. Usually, the mill is mounted to a table that rotates on different planes, allowing the mill to reach different angles without moving the part to a new machine.

CNC Lathes

CNC lathes are similar to CNC mills in that they cut around material mounted to a spindle. The machine turns the material on the spindle while the cutting tool remains in one place. The material’s movement is determined by the prompt fed into the computer. Programming several steps at once is possible, so the material can remain on the lathe throughout the process.

The simplest of lathes have two axes and rotate the material. Lathes that have more than two axes are usually called CNC turning centers.

CNC Routers

Like mills and lathes, CNC routers cut away from materials using a rotary tool. The spindle moves left and right on one axis and back and forth on the other. Routers are less complex than mills and won’t cut at high speed.

Swiss CNC

A Swiss CNC machine is ideal when you need to machine small parts. It was originally created for use in manufacturing watches.

Swiss CNC machines feed the material through a guide, which provides support as the material moves into the tooling area. Only a small part of the material is in the tooling area at a time, allowing for greater precision and stability.

Custom CNC Plastic Parts From Atlas Fibre

Atlas Fibre has a large inventory of thermoset materials, including linen, paper, and canvas phenolics and glass epoxy, melamine, and silicone. We can machine all types of thermoset materials to create the custom parts you need. We’ll also work with you to help you determine which material best meets your needs.

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