Many applications require you to create a barrier that blocks heat, electricity, or moisture. In that case, you need insulating materials. Atlas Fibre has a large inventory of thermoset insulation materials. We can help you determine which material types best meet your needs and provide the required insulation.

What Is Insulation?

Insulation is a barrier that keeps energy from transferring through a surface. There are many uses for insulation, from limiting heat transfer to blocking electricity.

Types of Insulation

Types of insulation include:

  • Electrical insulation: Electrical insulation keeps electricity from flowing to or through a material. It’s often necessary for the aviation, aerospace, and automotive industries.
  • Thermal insulation: Thermal insulation reduces heat transfer. It can protect a part from overheating or be used more generally to control the climate and temperature inside a building.

What Is Thermoset Insulation?

Thermoset insulation is made from a thermoset material, which becomes stronger when heated. Thermoset materials are fixed once they are heated and cured, so you cannot reheat and melt them down to change their shape. Thermoset materials are often used because of their insulating properties. They have several benefits, including:

  • A high temperature tolerance
  • Flexibility, even in cold temperatures
  • Lightweight construction
  • Corrosion resistance

Thermosetting Insulation Materials

The type of materials you need for thermoset insulation depends on your purpose and project goals.

Thermoset Phenolic Insulation

Phenolic composite laminate insulation has excellent thermal insulating properties, as the phenolic composite has low thermal conductivity. That means only a minimal thickness is required to achieve ideal thermal performance targets.

In addition to its thermal insulating properties, phenolic composites performs well in the case of fire, in many cases the material can be produced with a UL V-0 rating, meaning that a vertical burn will self-extinguish within 10 seconds. It produces little smoke and will harden and char rather than melt.

Cable Connectors

Another common use for thermoset insulation is in cable connectors. Cable connectors join electrical components, such as wires, circuit boards and cables, producing an electrical circuit. They need insulation to protect the components from extreme temperatures and chemical corrosion.

Why Work With Atlas Fibre

Atlas Fibre has machining and fabricating capabilities for various composite materials. Our machines include CNC mills, lathes, routers, and Swiss CNC. We work with all types of phenolic and glass thermosets and will help you determine which material will best meet your insulation needs. Our team will also machine thermoplastics, which may provide the insulating properties your project requires.

We have more than six decades of experience and maintain the largest in-stock inventory of composite materials and stock parts in North America. Our facility in Illinois contains more than $8 million of raw materials. We also have over $4 million in inventory at our partner facilities.

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