CNC Lathes

Atlas Fibre designs strong thermoset composite parts using computer numerical control (CNC) lathe machines. We’ve perfected the art of creating thermosets for various industries, including aerospace, oil and gas, electric vehicles, and medical equipment.

Our experts design custom parts depending on your needs. Contact us for thermosets that will increase your competitive edge in the industry.

What Is a CNC Lathe?

It is an automated machine that operates under instructions from a computer. The equipment has a cutting tool that rotates around the clamped material and cuts it as instructed. The machine uses minimal labor — it requires an operator who feeds it with instructions.

The basic CNC lathe uses two axes. Modern equipment has multiple axes to manufacture complex parts for space and other sectors. We have over 25 CNC machines including lathes to produce thermoset plastics that resist electricity and high temperatures.

How Does a CNC Lathe Machine Work?

We start by drawing the thermoset for your application using the computer-aided design (CAD) program. The CAD converts the drawing into a program that runs the CNC lathe machine. The equipment turns and cuts through the plastic in various directions to create a smooth final product.

We use a CNC lathe for plastic parts, such as:

  • Plane parts for the aerospace sector
  • Musical instruments, toys, knives, and home decor consumer goods
  • Dental tools and surgical instruments

Materials Compatible With a CNC Lathe for Plastic Parts

CNC lathes cut through various elements, including Teflon, PTFE, acrylic, and polycarbonate. These materials are light and used for a variety of applications. We determine the part strength you need and choose the type of plastic most suitable for your products.

You can speak to our team to let them know the customizations you need. If you require complex parts, we can accommodate more than two axes:

  • Three-axis
  • Four-axis
  • Five-axis
  • Six-axis and more

Benefits of CNC Lathe Materials

Our CNC lathes produce thermosets that enable your business to gain a competitive edge:

  • Save on costs: Lighter plastic parts use less material, saving money. Running the machines requires a few operators, reducing the cost of producing thermosets and lowering the final price.
  • Durable parts: Plastic thermosets last longer than metal components that grind on each other and cause wear and tear. The longer life span of the parts increases consumer safety in industries such as space and aeronautics.
  • Low maintenance: Thermosets produced using CNC machines don’t require oiling like the metallic components. You reduce downtime with the material and increase your competitive advantage.
  • Suitable for use in all weather: Thermosets produced with CNC lathes resist corrosion. This characteristic means you can rely on them to perform in all weather, and they’ll maintain their condition year-round.
  • Fulfill customer orders fast: Our machines enable us to deliver finished products fast so you can fulfill your customers’ orders on time. We dispatch in-stock items the same day for quick delivery.

Reasons to Choose Atlas Fibre as Your Partner

Our 120,000-square-foot warehouse enables us to hold large quantities of products. Our product availability and fast shipping mean you benefit from short lead times and don’t require a large facility to store parts for your business.

We have an assortment of products for North American industries. We can customize products to fit your needs and the demands of your customers. Our expert engineers have the skills to create new parts with different types of plastic.

Request a Quote for Thermoset Components

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