Impact-Resistant Cushion Pads

Canvas Phenolic Cushion Pads Wearing Out Faster Than They Should?

The repeated high-impact of pile driving can quickly degrade standard cushion pads, leading to frequent replacements and increased downtime.

If the extreme stress of pile driving has caused your traditional cushion pads to wear out prematurely, resulting in increased operational costs, project delays, and unnecessary maintenance hassles, know that there’s a better way.

Atlas Fibre cushion pads, made from cutting-edge thermoset composite materials, are chosen for their superior durability and resilience under intense conditions. Our canvas phenolic cushion pads are engineered to absorb impact efficiently and better suited to protecting equipment and minimizing wear and tear.

As a leading supplier and fabricator of canvas phenolic in North America, Atlas Fibre provides impact-resistant cushion pads made from this cutting-edge thermoset composite material in a variety of thicknesses and dimensions – crafted and cut to precise specifications.


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Cushion Pad Price Estimator

Use the Atlas Fibre price estimator to determine the approximate cost of our flat cushion pads (no center hole) based on the quantity and diameter of the pads you need. Orders of $2750 or more receive free shipping in the continental US. Contact the Atlas Fibre team for pricing on custom-sizes and custom-cut cushion pads.

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