Plastic Machining of Semiconductor Parts

Atlas Fibre is on the frontier of precision plastic machining, and it is helping to drive innovation in the semiconductor industry. As the demand for components continues to soar, the need for unparalleled precision and reliability in crafted thermoset plastic parts has never been more critical.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, the choice of manufacturing and fabrication partner can make all the difference between stagnation and success. Enter Atlas Fibre—a model of modern plastics machining. Our commitment to excellence is not just a promise but a proven reality, offering a vertically integrated solution tailored to the unique needs of semiconductor companies.

Here are five compelling reasons why leading companies in the semiconductor industry should make Atlas Fibre their partner of choice. Discover some of the reasons why leading companies in the semiconductor industry with complex and resource intensive plastic fabrication projects choose Atlas Fibre.

An Elite Class 1000 Clean Room with On-Site Deionized Water Production and Wash

Atlas Fibre has its own highly controlled Class 1000/ISO Class 6 clean room environment (with a deionized water production and wash for super clean water), specially designed to maintain extremely low levels of airborne particulates to enable the most sensitive manufacturing. Commonly used in industries such as semiconductors, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and medical device manufacturing where a high level of cleanliness is required, Class 1000 cleanrooms have stricter requirements for particle count (allowing a maximum of 7 particles/ft3 greater than 5 microns and less than 1,000 particles/ft3 greater than 0.3 microns) and air changes per hour, making them one of the cleanest environments in the cleanroom hierarchy.

Most Advanced Metrology of Any Plastics Machinist

Precision is paramount in plastics manufacturing as inaccurate measurement can lead to increased costs. Optical and low-force dimensional measurement is ideal for plastics and thermoset materials in high-volume, high-complexity production. Even the smallest imperfection can result in repeated errors, material waste, and unnecessary delay. Atlas Fibre uses inspection/machining equipment including Zeiss Contura 2024 CMMs, Keyence VL Blue Light Scanning and IM Seies Digital Optimal Comparators, and Mahr MMQ-400 Cylindricity and Round Part checking. Employing advanced measurements like edge-to-edge dimensions, surface testing, z-axis height measurements, and hardness testing, Atlas Fibre’s highly calibrated measurement instruments and quality assurance processes guarantee that products are made to exacting specifications, eliminate deviations and reduce waste.

Plastics-Only Machinist to Avoid Contamination

Cross contamination between metals and plastics is a major concern for machinists. Metal particles and debris from machining carbon steel or other metals can contaminate plastic stock, leading to defects (pitting and perforations) and poor surface finish. As a plastics-only machinist of thermoset composite and thermoplastic materials, Atlas Fibre can ensure the quality, performance and reliability of every plastic component it produces. Uses no oil whatsoever in the production process, Atlas Fibre ensures that the thermoset composite parts we manufacture remain pristine and free of contaminates.

Rapid Scalability Without Inventory Liability

Atlas Fibre’s flexible manufacturing capacity provides the ability to rapidly scale production to align with changes in end-market demand. With 24/7 automated machining – using Okuma 4 and 5 axis mills with dedicated plastics only FMS Systems from Fastems and coupled with additional investment in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Atlas Fibre provides companies an opportunity to benefit from significant cost efficiencies and economies of scale, accelerating product development lifecycles significantly.

Leadership through Vertical Integration

With a reduced reliance on external suppliers and ownership of distribution channels, Atlas Fibre has greater control over the supply chain and production processes from raw material to final product delivery. Reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions provides better adaptability to market changes thanks to improvements in control over the multiple stages of production.

Atlas Fibre stands as a cornerstone of reliability and innovation in the semiconductor industry. Our dedication to excellence, underscored by access to a Class 1K clean room, advanced metrology practices, a plastics-only machining environment, rapid scalability, and vertical integration, ensures that our partners receive nothing short of exceptional service and quality. With Atlas Fibre as your trusted ally, you can navigate the complexities of the semiconductor landscape with confidence, knowing that your manufacturing needs are in the hands of true industry leaders. Together, let’s forge a future defined by precision, reliability, and unparalleled success.

Atlas Fibre has the technology, capacity and expertise to fabricate thermoset composite materials for use in semiconductor manufacturing.

Welcome to the Next Frontier of Precision Plastic Machining

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