Transformers are crucial components of everyday items that help deliver power while protecting against damaging electrical activity. Using thermoset composites in their manufacture can help your company create longer-lasting, more efficient, and cost-effective goods. Atlas Fibre is an experienced thermoset composite manufacturer with the expertise and selection you can trust.

Why Choose Thermoset Composites for Transformers?

Manufacturers of many products requiring transformers prefer thermoset composites for their multiple advantages, including:

  • High dielectric properties
  • Chemically inert
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Energy efficiency
  • High moisture and chemical resistance
  • Enhanced safety
  • Good machinability

About Our Thermoset Composite Solutions

Atlas Fibre offers a complete lineup of thermoset polymers to improve your transformer’s design and performance.

Canvas Phenolic

Our canvas phenolic is a viable solution for numerous components, and we manufacture it in three standard options.

C-grade canvas phenolic is perfect for creating components like insulators, spacers, washers, and gears. It’s an impact-resistant material with good machinability and outstanding wear resistance. It can also withstand higher-temperature applications and provides excellent flame resistance.

If you need conductivity, consider our CE-grade canvas phenolic. It boasts similar properties to C-grade material but offers enhanced electrical properties. Our CYB canvas phenolic comes with the addition of graphite and provides self-lubrication in higher-friction operations.

Glass Epoxy

Atlas Fibre carries a full range of glass and epoxy thermoset composites for transformer manufacturing. Among our most popular are G-10 and FR-4.

G-10 materials are thermal shock-resistant and boast an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. They also have superior electrical properties, high impact strength, and good chemical resistance. These traits make G-10 laminates a good option for insulators.

Our FR-4 material is the flame-retardant version of G-10. It’s an excellent choice for transformer relays and switches, offering high dielectric properties and tensile strength.

Glass Melamine

G-9 glass melamine is a versatile material ideal for many applications, including providing dielectric properties within transformers. It offers increased moisture, flame, and heat resistance without compromising dimensional stability. Like glass-epoxy thermoset polymers, G-9 is nonmagnetic and doesn’t spark, adding to its safety. This material is viable for creating arc barriers and circuit breaker parts.

Customized Solutions

Atlas Fibre has vast industry experience and the in-house expertise to help you with a fully tailored solution. Our team will work with you to understand your application needs and develop a customized thermoset composite to meet them.

Common Industries and Uses

Our thermoset composite materials are valuable inputs in numerous industries and systems, including:

Why Choose Atlas Fibre for Thermoset Composites?

We’re a market-leading manufacturer with roots dating back over 65 years. That experience empowers us with unmatched industry and product knowledge. Our team provides you with high-quality thermoset composites and expertise to create the best solutions for your needs.

Atlas Fibre is home to North America’s largest in-stock inventory, and we can coordinate same-day shipping for many items to help you keep your projects on schedule. We assure you of the quality of our products with an ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturing facility.

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