Matrix HT

Matrix HT G14 is an HT composite known for its high-temperature resistance and consistent performance across extremes. Atlas Fibre is a leading manufacturer and supplier of this material. Learn about its specs, advantages, and common applications to explore its versatility for your products.

What Is Matrix HT?

Matrix HT combines a proprietary resin system with glass fibers to produce a composite that features the best of each base material. The result is a high-strength, lightweight composite that withstands numerous environmental stressors. It’s uniquely developed for extremely high temperature applications and has been utilized in operating environments of 280° Celsius (536° Fahrenheit).

Essential properties* of Matrix HT G14 include:

  • Rockwell hardness, M scale: 117
  • Flexural strength — LW, ambient temperature, 0.062″: >60,000 pound-force per square inch (psi) [>414 MegaPascals (MPa)]
  • Flexural strength — CW, ambient temperature, 0.062″: >60,000 psi (>414 MPa)
  • Specific gravity: 1.81
  • Water absorption — .125″: <0.60%
  • Izod impact strength — LW: > 17
  • Izod impact strength — CW: >14
  • Maximum temperature: 280° Celsius (536° Fahrenheit)

*Atlas Fibre LLC provides this data as information only and does not imply any warranty for its use or application. Test results for a specific sheet or lot are available for a fee upon request.

Fabrication With Matrix Composites

Matrix composites offer high machinability with conventional and nonconventional machining approaches. You can order the material in rod, sheet, and tube form.

Matrix HT Benefits

The advantages of this material include the following:

  • Exceptional impact and flexural strength
  • Higher mechanical strength than engineered thermoplastic materials
  • Good resistance to moisture, corrosion, and thermal shock
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Excellent cost-effectiveness versus alternative materials with comparable properties
  • Good creep resistance

Material Applications for Matrix HT

Matrix HT offers versatility for many applications and industries, such as:

  • Burners and kilns
  • Insulators
  • Gaskets, membranes, and flanges
  • Brake systems
  • Power generation
  • Heat shields
  • Structural supports in high-temp environments
  • Control panels, fuses, and switchgear
  • Welding equipment

Trust Atlas Fibre for Matrix HT Composites

Atlas Fibre has a 65-plus-year history of helping manufacturers improve their product designs, reliability, and life spans with thermoset composites. As the market leader, we carry an extensive inventory and provide same-day shipping for in-stock materials. We manufacture our composites in our ISO 9001:2015-certified facility to strict quality standards for performance confidence.

Our Matrix HT G14 may be perfect for your next high-temperature application, but we are here to help if needed. We have the product expertise to advise you on the best solution to meet your specific project demands.

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