Paper Phenolic Laminate XX

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XX paper phenolic offers superior wear resistance and excellent mechanical strength in many applications. Atlas Fibre is an original manufacturer of this material, plus many other phenolic thermoset solutions. Discover more about our grade XX properties, benefits, and common uses.

What Is XX Paper-Based Phenolic?

XX paper-based phenolic is a thermoset plastic composite formed by fusing layers of paper impregnated with phenolic resin. The manufacturing process uses pressure and heat to create polymerization that transforms the layers into a durable, set product.

Properties* of phenolic XX include:

  • Maximum temperature: 140° Celsius (284° Fahrenheit)
  • Flammability rating: 94HB
  • M-scale hardness: 120
  • Specific gravity: 1.35
  • Water absorption — 24 hours: 2.00
  • Bond strength: 1,500 pounds per square inch (psi) [10 megapascals (MPa)]
  • Compressive strength: 17,000 psi (117 MPa)
  • Flexural strength – LW -A 0.125″: 34,000 psi (234 MPa)
  • Izod impact strength at 49°C – LW: 0.80
  • Shear strength: 11,500 psi (79 MPa)
  • Tensile strength: 35,000 psi (241 MPa)

*Atlas Fibre LLC provides this data as information only and does not imply any warranty for its use or application. Test results for a specific sheet or lot are available for a fee upon request.

Fabricating With XX Phenolic

We offer XX phenolic in rod, sheet, or tube form and many sizes. The material is highly machinable with standard tools and compatible with various manufacturing processes, including die-cutting.

Advantages of XX Phenolic Paper Laminate

Atlas Fibre’s grade XX paper-reinforced composites offer a high-strength and economical solution for many manufacturing needs. Other advantages include:

  • Excellent electrical characteristics
  • Low absorption rates
  • Compliance with MIL-I-24768/11 (PBG) and NEMA XX guidelines
  • High creep resistance
  • Good rigidity and mechanical strength
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Attractive natural color
  • Suitability for high-humidity applications

Common Applications for Phenolic XX

This thermoset composite is ideal for:

  • Tabletops
  • Breaker arms
  • Washers
  • Electrical insulation
  • Switch plates
  • Sleeves
  • Relay bases
  • Fixtures
  • Structural components
  • Barriers
  • Switch panel boards
  • Jigs
  • Terminal strips

Get a quote on XX Phenolic From Atlas Fibre

Get a Quote on XX Phenolic From Atlas Fibre

We’re North America’s premier thermoset composite manufacturer, not a distributor. Our products help manufacturers design and produce lighter-weight, simpler, and more durable goods. Atlas Fibre keeps the market’s most comprehensive in-stock inventory to serve customers throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. We have over $8 million of on-hand thermosets available for same-day shipment to help support your productivity.

The XX phenolic we manufacture is a high-quality and economical solution for applications requiring wear resistance and mechanical strength. Would you like to discuss its viability for your specific project? Ask us anything — our team draws from over 65 years of industry expertise to provide ordering advice.

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