Atlas Fibre’s machining and fabrication capabilities include 25+ CNC milling and turning (lathe) machines, Swiss, and routed parts up to 60″x120″.  Atlas Fibre machines all glass and phenolic thermosets and we can machine nearly all types of thermoplastics as well. 

With 60+ years of expert machining of laminates and plastics as well as being a supplier of stock shapes for both, Atlas Fibre is uniquely qualified to machine or fabricate your components.  Our expertise goes beyond just fabrication with our ability to act as a Resource Center for your application by helping specify the right material.   Selecting the right material for better wear, better resistance to corrosion, weight reduction, and noise reduction can often lead to cost savings and longer life of the part. 

The largest stock of thermoset sheet and rod material in North America for immediate access for machining and fabrication.

Thermoset materials available include grades XX & XXX, CE, and LE phenolics; G-10, FR-4, G-11 glass epoxies; G-9 glass melamine; and G-7 glass silicone.

We also specialize in the machining of high performance advanced engineering thermoplastics including Vespel®, PEEK®, Torlon®, PPS, Ultem®, PTFE, Nylon, and Acetal.

Atlas Fibre is a “resource center” for your selection of thermoplastics to suit the needs of your particular application.