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The Latest Parts from Atlas Fibre

Spring Clamp crafted from black G-10; a component will be used in high-intensity applications under extreme forces and will rely on the durability of the material to maintain its structural integrity.

Atlas Fibre is more than just the largest supplier of thermoset composites in North America, we’re also the leading fabricator of these advanced plastics. Request a quote on a custom component for your project today.

More Thermoset & Thermoplastic Components Crafted by Atlas Fibre

Micro Beam made with Ultem Engineering Thermoplastic

Micro Beam with Ultem

A precision-engineered structural component made with Ultem thermoplastic, designed for strength, heat resistance, and chemical stability.

G10 - FR4 Insulator Frame

Insulator Frame

A structural component used to support and secure electrical insulators in various applications, particularly in power transmission and distribution systems.

Insulator Hold Down; Made with G10-FR4

Insulator Hold Down

Designed to securely hold the insulator in place on structures like utility poles, transmission towers, or substation frameworks.

Attenuator Disk

Attenuator Disk

Used to reduce the intensity of signals in optic or electronic systems ensuring optimal performance and protection of sensitive components.

Need a Custom-Made Plastic Component?

Atlas Fibre is the leading fabricator of thermoset composites and thermoplastics, with the equipment and capability to machine parts both large and small. Request a quote from us on your next project today.