Advantages of Using Thermosets for Slot Wedges

Thermoset composites have a range of applications due to their versatile advantages, including being the ideal material for slot wedges. Slot wedges play a vital role in protecting motors by closing a motor’s winding slots once the winding process is complete. In this case, thermoset plastics rise to the occasion, providing the perfect material to achieve stability. 

Why Are Thermoset Composites Ideal for Slot Wedges?

Thermoset composites have a unique combination of properties that few other materials possess, making them the go-to choice for complex components like slot wedges. Here are a few properties that appeal to motor manufacturers:


Thermoset composites are not made from metal, allowing them to insulate components within electrical systems. In motors, these composites hold everything in place and act as a secondary protection against short-circuiting. Using thermoset slot wedges for generators offers additional safety and improved functionality. 

Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

Since they do not contain metal, thermoset plastics are also resistant to rust and hold up when exposed to water and other chemicals. This property helps slot wedges maintain their structure even when they come into contact with moisture. 


Some thermoset plastics are almost twice as strong as aluminum. This intense strength improves the wedge’s durability as the manufacturer places it into the slot. Thanks to their rigidity, thermoset composite slot wedges offer long-lasting results, extending the life span of high-performance electrical motors.

Design Flexibility 

Thermoset materials can be customized to suit applications with tight tolerances, such as slot wedges. To maintain the motor’s stability, thermoset wedges must fit the slot perfectly to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. 


Despite being incredibly durable, thermoset composites are lightweight. Heavy materials would impede the motor’s motion and require more energy. Thermoset plastics can improve the motor’s efficiency and increase its output. 

Why Choose Atlas Fibre for Slot Wedge Materials

Atlas Fibre specializes in providing thermoset composites for a wide array of applications, including manufacturing slot wedges for motors. As a leading supplier in North America, we have a large inventory of sheets, tubes, and rods in various thermoset materials, including carbon fiber and glass epoxy. If your project needs something more specific, we can provide customized slot wedges to meet your requirements. 

Contact Atlas Fibre for a Quote 

Would you like to know more about our slot wedge composites and how they will benefit your application? Fill out an online form to request a quote for thermoset slot wedges, and one of our experts will assist you. 

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