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All Atlas Fibre sheet is uniformly dense and solid material.  Our materials are exceptionally versatile because of their unusual combination of properties.  All grades are light in weight, dense, structurally strong, resistant to moisture, good electrical insulators, and none will soften appreciably under the reapplication of heat.


Besides supplying sheet products, Atlas Fibre can perform secondary fabrication on your materials:

Cut to size (one to 1000's with tolerances to +/- .003")
Sanding (up to 2.000" +/-.003" on thickness)



G-10 & FR-4

Color FR4 sheets2.jpg

A continuous woven glass fabric laminated with an epoxy resin. This grade is extremely high in mechanical strength, has low water absorption and dissipation factors and has superior electrical characteristics, which are exhibited over a wide range of temperatures and humidities.   Note: G-10 and FR4 are two separate materials. 

G-10:  Mil-I-24768/2, Type GEE
FR-4:  Mil-I-24768/27, Type GEE-F

Typical applications include structural and machined parts where the strength to size ratio is critical.




A course weave cotton fabric base phenolic laminate with greater mechanical strength than Grade XXX. Grade CE is strong, tough, and has high impact strength.  CE is the "electrical" grade version of canvas phenolic.  Also available Canvas C (Mil-I-24768/16 Type FBM).

CE Phenolic:  Mil-I-24768/14, Type FBG

Typical applications include gears, pulleys, sheaves, insulators, bushings, washers, and rollers.





A fine weave cotton fabric base phenolic laminate which provides a finer surface texture and better machinability than Grade CE. Grade LE is low in moisture pick-up and dissipation factor, and is excellent in all electrical properties. It can be machined easily and cleanly to very close tolerances, and is recommended for use where there is need for good mechanical properties combined with excellent electrical characteristics.  LE is the "electrical" grade version of linen phenolic.  Also available Linen L (Mil-I-24768/13 Type FBI).

LE Phenolic: Mil-I-24768/13, Type FBE

Typical applications include intricate machined parts, fine gears and pinions, spacers, bushings, and rollers.







XX Phenolic is a paper based phenolic and it the mechanical grade paper phenolic although it is suitable for general electrical applications (for higher dielectric strength XXX is recommended). XX Phenolic is easily machined and is a lower cost thermoset material. . .

XX Phenolic: Mil-I-24768/11, Type PBG

Typical applications include insulating washers, punched or die cut parts, spacers, sleeves,





A paper base phenolic laminate with good mechanical properties, high dielectric strength, and good resistance to moisture. Grade XXX is our most economically priced grade and is recommended for
most mechanical applications, for use at radio frequencies, and in high humidity situations.  Grade XXX is the electrical grade paper phenolic.

XXX Phenolic:  Mil-I-24768/10, Type PBE

Typical applications include insulating washers, sleeves, switch bases, and panel boards. 





A grade similar in composition and properties to G-10 but more suitable for continued use at elevated temperature.  G-11 retains at least 50% of its structural strength at elevated temperatures in excess of 300°F.  Due to its higher cost, G-11 applications are limited to only the most critical high heat situations.

G-11:  Mil-I-24768/3, Type GEB

Typical applications include higher heat or structural applications that G-10 or FR-4 can't meet.





A continuous glass fabric laminated with a silicone resin.  Grade G-7 is unequalled for high heat and arc resistant applications, and where good mechanical and electrical properties must be exhibited in humid conditions in excess of 450°F.

G-7:  Mil-I-24768/17, Type CSG

Typical applications include welding tips, spacers, wedges, arc plates, terminal boards, and sleeves.





A continuous woven glass fabric laminated with a melamine resin. Grade G-9 has good mechanical properties plus high resistance to flame, heat, arcing, and most strong alkali solutions. It is recommended for use where good mechanical properties are needed under wet conditions.  G-9 is an exact substitute for G-5.

G-9:  Mil-I-24768/1, Type GME

Typical applications include switchboard panels, arc barriers, specialty terminal blocks, and circuit breaker components.





G-3 Glass Phenolic is an amber/brown material with a glass fabric reinforcement in a phenolic resin binder.  G-3 is probably the strongest overall laminate with excellent tensile, compressive, impact, and flexural strength at elevated temperature. 

G-3:  Mil-I-24768/18, Type GPG

Typical applications include aerospace seals and gaskets, acid resistant gaskets, oven internals, and other structural parts.